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Writer's Block: Don't fear the reaper

Have you ever had a near-death experience? How close have you come to dying?

Yes. I hit a concrete wall head on going about 35 miles an hour. While that may not seem that fast, it is. I had to have reconstructive/plastic surgery. I had alot of internal bruising. The doctor also told me that if I had not been intoxicated, I most likely would have died. It was a dumb thing to do and I have learned my lesson.

Jul. 26th, 2010

I should really begin my daily duties. However, it's been some time since I've done a journal.

I seem pretty optimistic about today and life-happenings. I wish I could say this was everyday, but it's not. I'm still dealing and coping. It is getting better. Ross is supposed to be coming down Aug 6th. That is if nothing else gets in the way. The trips keeps getting pushed back. While I am sad that keeps happening...the 6th is less than two weeks away and it could be longer. I'm still frustrated that I do not have a current job. I am going tomorrow to drop off more resumes. Luckily my roommate's boss is willing to give me things to do to make money and I do get paid for keeping up the house. However, it isn't alot and soon I will need to buy more necessities. I am trying to be patient and I am extremely grateful. So on that note...I will make a gratitude list and begin my day

Gratitude List:

1. I have friends who are willing to help me.
2. I have a bf that is willing to go through this with me.
3. I have been given opportunities to make extra side money.
4. I have a house to live in.
5. I have food and water.
6. I have a cell phone and internet.
7. I am not in Louisiana.
8. I have a loving family that is supportive of my current decisions.
9. I am not alone.
10. I have a washer and dryer.

Writer's Block: Life with Technology

What's your favorite example of how technology has made your life better?

My boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship due to forced situations. It would not be possible to do this if it wasn't for cellphones for texting and the internet for emails.

Us (Part 1: The Introduction)

About March of 2009, I had been hanging out with a guy named Michael. Also known as Queen Michael. We were inseperable...other than the fact that we slept in seperate beds. Anywho...one night we went to a tattoo shop with another friend of mine so he could get pierced and this is where I met Matt. I would like to say this is now the beginning of April. We three hung out off and on for the next 2 weeks.
One night after getting completely smashed at a bar...we decide to hit up a hot tub or pool. Whatever we found first. We get to these college type apartments and find a vacant hot tub. (While we are in Louisiana...it's still April and the pool water is not that warm at night.) So, we are drinking more and relaxing in the hot tub and I start running around topless making circles around the pool. (DO NOT ASK: I was drunk and do a lot of thinks that don't make sense when I'm sober anyway.)As I jump back into the hot tub, wasting my beer...I hear an unfamiliar voice telling me to show him my breasts. Appalled, I look at him with eyes to kill and ignore him the rest of the night. While my friend, Michael did introduce this stranger and I, I had no recollection of the first letter of his name...let alone what it sounded like. Time passed and when we all felt like the hot tub was seemingly more comfortable than our beds...we decided to pack up and go home.
A few more nights passed and I was feeling the urge to go swim again.
Now, a little catch up here. This guy Matt I previously mentioned had an ongoing crush on me. Apparently he became infatuated with my pictures and e-stalked me on MySpace. However, I did decide to give him a chance. A chance meaning that I agreed to hang out only as friends and with other parties involved. And yes, that bit of information will be important.
Anyway..back to the urge to swim. I can't really remember exactly if I was trashed when I got there or not or if this was another time. I would like to say that it was Michael, Matt, Caleb and Jules. Either way, I was sitting with Matt talking while Michael ran upstairs to "smoke". I wasn't a smoker, so I stayed behind and hung out with Matt. Trying to actually have a "real" conversation and not the drunken media that "bar friends" have. Soon Michael returns and the stranger/pervert from the other night accomanied him. (I really shouldn't call him a perv considering I was topless.) Well, Jules and Matt decide to jump in the pool. Michael soon follows them and I remember not wanting to step foot in there because the underwater pool light was hangng on by some loose wires and swaying in the water. I sit beside the pool and strike a conversation with the stranger guy and he seems quite interested in everything I am saying and even giving back information of his own. The pool time eventually comes to an end and we all part our ways. I remember asking Michael the stranger's name and he replies, "Kate" or "Ross". Only he pronounced Ross, "Rozz". Confusion must have been written on my face because he showed me his number in the contacts list. There I saw it listed as, 'Ross Kate'. I thought it was the cutest name I had ever heard. Don't get ahead yet though, I still had no intention of really getting to know this guy.
At the time I was working at a tattoo shop a few blocks down from my apartment. The guy Matt I had been hanging out with also owned a tattoo shop and offered me a job. He was willing to pay more money and I could use his car when I needed to. I took the job and began working for him. This is now early May. I had the perfect set up. Didn't have to be at work until noon. Sundays and Mondays off. Paid weekly. My boss and I would leave at random times to go get a few drinks. I can say now that I did take advantage of the fact he had a crush on me. But, he was old enough and smart enough to not lean on my bullshit either.
So, back to the story.
Around the 7th of May, Michael came to pick me up from work to go out that night. He said we had to go by Ross'apartment so he could change and get ready. (He always had makeup, shoes, clothes and accessories in his car and Ross' apartment happened to be on the way to the bar)We head over there and I walk in to see about four or five guys other than Ross. They all intrduce themselves. Most of their faces were not unfamiliar because I had seen them out before at the bar we frequently went to. (There names were PJ, Oriskany, Dougie and KT. I tell you this because later on...they will be important characters as well.)I see Ross, he's running around the living room chasing to small kittens. I have a srong love for cats, so I was eager to hold one. He gets me a chair and tells me to sit down. He hands me a kitten and we talk briefly. Michael comes out of the room and we all sit "indian-style" in a small circle. Things were rolled and began being passed t oeach individual. Michael on my left passes it to me and I smoke. I then pass it to Ross who is on my left and he gently takes the joint in amazement. I ask him why he is looking at me like that and he replies, "I had no idea you smoked." Which I don't do very often, but it just felt right that night. I just smiled at him and continued talking with everyone else. When we finished, we stood up and strted saying our goodbies. We after all only stopped in for a minute. I stood up to tell Ross bye and without thinking, leaned forward and gave him a hug. I could tell he welcomed that hug because it took him a few seconds longer than I to let go. He asked me if we had to go and I stood firm and repled yes. (After all, I was still taking a break from dating and guys in general.) Upon walking out the door, I looked at Michael and asked, "Do you think he's cute?" He confirmed and asked if I was interested. I said, "I think so". I got in the car smiling and we headed to the bar.

Writer's Block: Work, work, work

Would you rather work at a job that you enjoy but pays little or work at a miserable job that pays a lot?

I have pretty much done both already. I will say this...
With every job there are sacrifices. You will either have to sacrifice more of your free time or pay rate. Sometimes you are not going to like your job and sometimes you will. That's life. My dream job is a job that allows me to spend time with my loved ones, pay the bills on time and splurge every once in a while.

Writer's Block: Family Matters

What things do you know you can count on your family for?

I can definitely count on my family for unconditional love.

Writer's Block: Dream on

Do you usually remember your dreams at night? Do you analyze and/or record your dreams in your journal? Are there any recurring themes?

I remember most of my dreams. I try not to think about them too much. I probably should keep a journal of them. At the same time, I think of them as I would a fortune teller or tarot card reading...as long as I don't get wrapped up into the overanalyzing...I'm good.

Do Something!

Good Morning! Today is the day for production. I have plenty of shit to do, so I shouldn't be bored at all. Our roommate comes home today. I know Nikki is feeling better about that. We really need to put an ad up on craig's list for a new one though. I need a job. I really need to get on the ball with the foot-work. I didn't sleep that well last night. A mix between the drama with my bf and the huge spider I killed last night that had a ton of babies pour out of it. ::SHIVERS:: Jeez! I felt like a reenactment of Arachnophobia was happening in our house.
HOWEVER, I am glad I'm here and not Louisiana. Again, I need to utilize my present situation and be grateful about all the wonderful opportunities that have been placed in front of me. On that note...I need to begin my day shortly.

Writer's Block: Where I want to be

What was your childhood dream? Did you ever accomplish it?

To live in California and become a make up artist. Goal accomplished!
What message would you put into a fortune cookie?

Looking inside a fortune cookie will not solve your problems. Here's to false hope. Yay!